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I will be working on new pinups over the next few months as well as finishing an erotic comic that I've been working on with a fellow deviant.  I will also be open for commissions.  If interested send me a note and I'll reply.  Stay tuned, more to come!!!!.....:P
As I said in an earlier entry, I'm back to freelancing; I'm no longer employed full-time.  Therefore, I will be seeking new opportunities and hopefully focusing more time on what I love best - Pin-Ups!  Plus I will be devoting more time to an erotic comic collaboration that I've been working on the past couple of years.  My resume and portfolio can be viewed at

More developing, stay tuned.....;)
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday today, much appreciated!:)  

I want everyone to know that I appreciate your interest in my artwork as well.  I haven't been able to post much new stuff lately due to full-time job demands and my work at home on an erotic comic book plus other endeavors.  I hope to finish the comic book early in 2014 and get back to doing some new pin-ups/erotic pieces soon!;P  I plan on putting some teasers up for the comic as well after it's finished.  I already have put some up with "Rose and the Maid" and "Keyhole" featuring a realistic take on the characters(Rose and the Maid) involved in the comic.

I did have a helluva time hanging out last month with "The Unknown Hinson" (deviantID pic below this entry).  He truly is the "King of Country-Western Troubadours"! 

Thanks again for everyone's interest in my work, pushing my page towards 30,00 views!:)
Just wanted to say thanks to everybody that has faved and watched my work over the past couple of years!:)  I'm busy as usual and hope to keep posting some new stuff as I can.  Thanks again for everyone's support!:)
Happy New Year to everyone, hope 2013 is a great year!:)
Still haven't had time to do any new pin-ups, hopefully soon though..;)  I will be submitting some of the new art I've recently been doing at work though.  Busy working on a project at home that I will share after I complete.  Thanks for visiting my page, appreciate the views and faves.
Been busy at my full-time job plus working on a long term project at home that will tie me up through the end of this year.  I hope to get back to some new pinups soon, will probably work one in somewhere over the next few weeks.  I will also be posting some of the stuff I've been working on at my job - wildlife, fashion, trendy, etc.  Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all of the faves and watches.:)
In appreciation of my recently passing 10,000 page views I decided to do a pin-up for the occasion - "Valentina".  As usual I'm busy as hell at work and doing my thing at home, not much time to devote to the pin-ups but I had to stop and do this one...;P  

Thanks again to everyone for watching, faving and checking out my artwork!:)
Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't given up on the pin-ups or posting new art, I've just been busy working at my job as a full-time creative artist(dealing with everything from graphic design to realistic paintings over a broad spectrum of categories) plus working on a comic book at home.  Very time consuming, plus I have a family and home to take care of.  I should be back to some new pin-ups by the end of the year, unless the Mayans were right about Dec 21, 2012...;)

I do want to thank everyone for all of the views, faves and llamas I have gotten in my first year on DA - very much appreciated.  I will be posting some new art from time to time, and will put some of the comic book art/pages up later in the year.

Joe P.